About the Editor

Teresa Opara has an undeniable passion for the game of soccer, so much so that she decided to share her passion and knowledge of the game with others. The internet provides the perfect medium to do so.

As an accountant, entrepreneur, and personal advisor, Teresa balances many roles and duties at the same time, not unlike the players in her favorite sport.

Her passion for the internet is based on the fact that it allows people to communicate easily with businesses, friends, or family. Whereas people previously may have been able to phone one another, the inception of the Internet meant that they could e-mail, chat or even video conference and be closer than ever while still being miles apart.

Previously, our knowledge and experience was limited to a small group of friends; now we can share information and opinions about products easier than ever before. That means that we are reaching a completely new level of collective understanding.

With years of experience in accounting, Teresa used her common sense and math skills on a daily basis. However, while accounting may be interesting, it did not provide an outlet for creativity. Her website allows her to do just that, and what better subject than the game of soccer that both she and her two brothers are so passionate about. With a family that watches, plays, and talks about soccer constantly, it comes as a surprise that Teresa also caught the soccer bug and wants to share it with others.

One of the most amazing things for Teresa is knowing that throughout the world, millions of people from all walks of life are watching the same game. While they may be thousands of miles apart, they are connected through their passion, bringing even more excitement to the game. Ultimately, that is  the feeling that she wants to share with the world.

When Teresa is not busy informing people about the types of soccer gear that may be a good fit for them, she loves spending time with her husband and her son. Some of her favorite places in the world in which to find herself include Sedona, Payson, White Mountains and the Grand Canyon.

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