To give your team a unique identity and a real sense of togetherness, you should consider using an online soccer store to buy custom soccer uniforms.

Having a uniform to be proud of will bring the best out of your fledgling super-star players and therefore increase work-rate and team-ethic. 

First off, the biggest decision is choosing your colors. You can draw upon any inspiration you like. For instance, if your team is called ‘Redbridge Thunder’ it makes sense that you should wear red club uniforms. The ‘Green Bay Pirates’ should definitely wear green!

Maybe the team colors you choose will be based on the professional teams you support:

The red and white stripes of Chivas USA? The blue and burgundy of European champions Barcelona? Or possibly even the lily-white jerseys of London’s Tottenham Hotspur?

Remember to check out which colors the other teams in your league are wearing; you’ll want to stand out and minimize the need for an ‘away’ uniform, although there are other ways of making your uniforms unique.

Here’s a cute bit of history about the way some of the world’s best teams chose their club uniforms:

  • Juventus of Italy have black and white striped jerseys because back at the beginning of the 20th century, the oldest surviving club in the world, England’s Notts County (established in 1862), lent the Italian team their spare set when Juve’s own garish baby-pink uniform was ‘mislaid’.
  • In the early 1970s, London’s Crystal Palace FC adopted burgundy and blue to pay homage to Spain’s FC Barcelona, hoping that some of the Spanish club’s greatness would rub off on them!

In my experience, the best thing to do would be to take a vote; bring some good old-fashioned Western-style democracy to the playing field!

Do you have a club logo you’d like to incorporate into your soccer club uniform’s design? Perhaps you’ve asked a local business to sponsor your team? No problem, most of these stores offer a screen-printing or embroidery service and can weave their magic by placing your designs in prominent positions.

You’ll want to factor in what you need; jerseys, shorts, socks, warm-up suits and jackets can be purchased together in a price-sensitive package. There’s usually a minimum order of approximately 24 uniforms, but you’ll want to purchase more than one uniform set per player. We all know players can’t always be relied upon to have one set clean for every game!

Choose a suitable material that is also practical; most designs are available in highly technologically advanced, moisture-wicking fabrications with reinforced stitching at the main pressure points to cope with all that rough and tumble! After all, you’ll want your soccer uniforms to last at least a few glory-strewn seasons!

Remember, you’ll need different sizes for your big, bruising central defenders, your speedy little wingers and your long-limbed goalkeepers. Sizes from S to XXL are available. Anything bigger and your team may be better off playing basketball!

Sizes for youth soccer uniforms will also be available in S, M and L; see if you can borrow some samples for a couple of weeks to make sure that they fit.

I would usually plan for a couple of months, from submitting your designs for customized soccer club uniforms until actually wearing them for the big game! Sixty days is an average turnaround.

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