The most important player on the soccer field deserves the best soccer goalie gear!

  • What specialist jersey, apparel and uniform will best suit a goalie’s needs?
  • Why do they need that extra protection, more so than other players?
  • Where can I find it?

Goalies are often described as ‘crazy’ and with good reason:

Some notable soccer goalies in history include Pope Jean Paul II, Luciano Pavarotti (world renowned opera tenor), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes’ creator), Albert Camus (Philosopher and Nobel prize winner) and Julio Iglesias (Spanish crooner). So point proven then!

Of all the playing positions on the soccer field, the goalie is the most important player on the field and gets the roughest treatment.

Therefore, it stands to reason that they should be adequately protected. The goalies are literally putting their bodies on the line and in the path of anything that tries to get past them, so they must ensure that they have the best, most durable uniform, accessories and soccer goalie equipment to do the job.

Pants, shorts, shirts, knee pads, gloves and helmets all need to be taken into consideration.

First off, let’s start with the shirts. Soccer goalie gear has to be a different color from that of the rest of their team-mates; it helps distinguish them from the other players. Plus, it’s a basic law of the game!

Unlike their team-mates, their jerseys will probably need to be long sleeved with reinforced stitching at the main pressure points and padding at the elbows to withstand all the diving and jumping around.

Most reputable online soccer stores fashion their uniforms from technologically advanced moisture-wicking fabrications that’ll do the job nicely.

Some goalies wear shorts, but most goalies I know prefer to wear pants for exactly the same reason that they wear long sleeves. Taking a 100 mph ball from a burly striker on bare skin is no fun at all! Either way, choose a durable, double-knit polyester construction if you can, with padding in the hips and knees. If you do decide on shorts, take my advice and get yourself some knee pads . . . you’ll thank me later!

Perhaps the most important accessories a goalie can have are soccer goalie gloves with finger protection.

Broken, fractured and bruised fingers are part and parcel of a goalie’s sporting career, but they can greatly reduce that risk with some suitable gloves. Not only will they be protected, but gloves also help them do a better job by having that vital extra grip for clawing away goal-bound shots and holding on to crosses from dead-ball situations and stinging 25 yard drives.

Helmets are an increasingly common sight on the soccer field.

In the professional game, the big turning point came in October 2006 when Chelsea FC’s Czech goalie Peter Cech (widely regarded as amongst the best in the game), suffered a depressed skull fracture and was hospitalised after a accidental clash with Reading FC’s Irish midfielder Stephen Hunt. Doctors reported that the injury nearly cost Cech his life.

Upon his return, a full 3 months later and ever since that time, Cech has sported a ‘rugby-style’ head-guard that many other goalies in world football have been quick to adopt.

So if it’s for you, your team-mate or your son or daughter, get them kitted out in the best gear you can afford!

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